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Deep water culture hydroponics


There are many techniques relating to hydroponics, some more complex and expensive than others, but the one that I’ve had the greatest success with is DWC (deep water culture). The only expensive thing you need is an air pump which one can source from any decent pet shop.

What I love about hydroponics is that the plants take care of themselves, one must just make sure the water levels are correct and that they have sufficient nutrients.

I build custom hydroponics systems for people who are wanting to venture down the scenic road of hydroponics.There are a few options to choose from. So, if you’re wanting to grow some parsley for that pasta dish that everybody at the church loved, or maybe you have to grow a plant in the basement for that school science project, then there is definitely something for you.

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Reduce water consumption

Save up to 85% on water

Hydroponics uses up to 60% less water than soil grown plants.

Cape Town is experiencing a severe drought right now, so by using hydroponics, you’re doing your part to reduce water consumption. You can go on that holiday to Saldanha Bay and not have to worry about your plants drying up, as you only have to top the water up once or twice a month.

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Ghost peppers
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Using two 25L buckets mounted inverted on top of each another with a large 80W CLF bulb and a potent computer fan for air flow. This system works really well and I’m happy with the results. It’s also cat proof which was important as the predecessors didn’t stand a chance against an aggressive ginger cat.



After testing out my grow box I decided to grow something real, something wholesome.

So the peach Ghost Pepper was a logical choice for me, second hottest pepper in the world and a name that strikes fear in the heart of anyone with a vague knowledge of peppers. No matter who you are, this pepper is hot. It will even make a nun’s toes curl.

I had 3 plants that sprouted and this one was the strongest. I called her Laquisha

“Oh girl, she fine!”

Damm, look at them leaves, voluptuous, green, and full of attitude. You could probably fan out a six year old’s birthday cake with them.

Laquisha is in flower at the moment, and will hopefully bare some fine peppers which I will use to make some hot sauce with.

2 months old


If you’re keen to get started, feel free to contact me, and we can get you on the path of hydroponic greatness.

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