About me


Grant Taylor (dassie whisperer)

I’ve been working in the design industry for over 9 years now.
Creativity is something I live and carry through every aspect of my life, it’s a lifestyle. When I’m not at work, I’m designing remote control planes or building a new hydroponics system for a client. If you want super hot hydroponic chilli peppers, I can hook you up. I have some peppers so hot they will make your toes curl and your lips flap. I started experimenting with hydroponics a few years ago and now I’m completely addicted to the craft, it’s very challenging and rewarding.


I recently developed an interest in calligraphy and lettering, I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, I just watch and learn from people on Youtube and Instagram. After a year I think I’m doing okay, hand drawn lettering is very therapeutic, and can be compared to listening to an entire Album of Enya, or reading poetry to a sleeping cat.


In terms of my career, focusing on digital design, websites, UX and Augmented Reality are some of the things I work on. My favourite two creatives are Malika Favre and Tobias van schneider, their work is incredibly inspiring.


Contact me  😎

Mobile. O72 619 2661
Email. creative(at)
Instagram. @grantiscreative